PlantLab is designing and constructing interactive urban greenhouses for low-income communities in Dallas. 15 ZIP codes in Dallas are classified as food deserts and don't have access to healthy, nutritious meals. We are working with the Jubilee Park community to implement greenhouses in households around the neighborhood.

Through a partnership with SMU’s Hunt Institute, and the Jubilee Park community, our team has researched the community’s problems and begun designing compact, modular, outdoor hydroponic systems to be installed in community residents’ backyards in the near future. We continue to research and learn about Jubilee Park throughout our design process and plan on conducting and assisting with further studies of the area throughout our relationship with the community.


DESIGNING A SOLUTION - We are currently exploring different methods of implementing robust, low-cost and low-maintenance miniature vertical farming solutions.

BUILDING THE SOLUTION - Spring 2018 we have started the materials acquisiton and construction of our designs. 

Project Leads


Brenan Alley


Roby Liebbe