Stream Team is a group of EWB members that travels to Bachman Creek near Dallas Love Field Airport, to test water quality. The team analyzes numerous factors that affect water quality including pH levels, clarity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen.

The team logs all data collected with the Texas Aquatic Alliance for use within their organization and the with the Environmental Protection Agency.


Texas Stream Team at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment works with over 8,000 community members to service Texas waterways. We work to monitor and log data that supports academic research, informs conservation policy, and serves as an early warning system for water quality issues across Texas.

Our Role

We are solely responsible for the water quality at Bachman Creek.


  1. Continually monitor water quality once a month.
  2. Log all water quality findings and data with the Texas Aquatic Alliance.


ONGOING - this project will maintain membership and regular trips as long as Bachman Creek requires water quality monitoring.

Project Leads


Alexandra Randolph